The 2nd Annual Rally to Improve Birth

September 2, 2013

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A Full Scale Birth Revolution on Labor Day

September 2, 2013 10 a.m. – 12 noon

A massive uprising is on the horizon. Thousands of men, women, and children will gather on Monday, September 2, 2013 as part of a national movement. Improving Birth’s “Rally to Improve Birth on Labor Day” is expected to at least double in size from our first event that was hosted in 110 major cities, in 46 states across the country. Thanks to the beauty of social media, the power of the birth community and mothers, was able to organize this massive movement to bring awareness to the lack of evidence-based maternity care in the U.S.

One writer coined it “the largest women’s movement in decades.”


Take Action!

Come Stand!
We encourage men, women, and children to come stand in support of evidence-based maternity care for everyone

Become a Sponsor!
We have tailored our sponsorship packages to appeal to local, regional, and national business and organizations–helping your company raise brand awareness and increase exposure of your products and/or services among a growing and targeted audience of parents, parents-to-be, and birth-related professionals.

Get Involved!
Become a rally coordinator in your area! We are making it as easy as we can. As a coordinator, you will receive your very own “Action Pack.” This includes a marketing slideshow, press releases, and a Coordinator Checklist. We want the message to be cohesive and peaceful. Click below on your state to see if there is a rally in your area.


The Purpose

We are rallying to bring awareness to a problem and a solution.  So many people are unaware of just how much room for improvement there is in our maternity care system: of how much of a gap there is between “routine” or typical care and care that is based on scientific evidence and known best practices.  So many women are unaware that respect and compassion in childbirth aren’t just luxuries; they’re a human right.

We are taking those messages to the streets, to the general public.  Because we are the solution–the mothers and families whose business drives the maternity care system.  Imagine what change we could effect if we really took hold of our power as consumers and wielded it to make evidence-based maternity care the new “standard” of care, and to make humanity in childbirth a given.

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